The balance of the body’s systems is vital to the balance of one’s mental health and well-being. What happens in your gut, adrenals, and with your immune system can affect your mood and anxiety level. Treating only one's symptoms can result in only a modest benefit, and can often be an approach that requires treatment indefinitely. Getting to the root cause and treating the underlying imbalances will oftentimes result in a steady improvement in multiple areas simultaneously. Using the integrative approach of Functional Medicine, Dr. Smythe, in partnership with each individual, gets to the root causes, The result is better health overall.
Dr. Smythe is now taking adults with depression, anxiety, ADD and insomnia; will work in consultation with those with eating disorders; and will also work with children with ADD and ADHD.
Her practice is no longer structured to take those with psychotic disorders or severe bipolar illness. She is also available for phone consultations.
For information on how to contact Dr. Smythe please see contact page.

Caroline Smythe, M.D.